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Volvo Headlight And Fog Light Bulb Application Chart

Volvo Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Lights
C70 2003-2005 H11 9005 H1
C70 1999-2002 H7 H7 H1
S40 2005-2007 H11 9005 H11
S40,V40 2000-2004 H7 H7 H3
S60 2005-2006 H11 9005 H1
S60 2002-2004 H7 9005 N/A
S80 2003-2006 H7 H7 H1
S80 (with H.I.D.) 2004-2006 D2R 9005 H1
V50 2005-2006 H11 9005 H11
V70 2005-2006 H11 9005 H1
V70 2003-2004 H7 H7 H1
XC70 2005-2006 H11 9005 H1
XC70 2003-2004 H7 9005 H1
XC90 2005-2006 H11 H7 H1
XC90 2003-2004 H7 H11 H1

Headlight Bulb Cross Reference

  • An H4 bulb is also referenced as a 9003 or a HB2
  • A 9004 also referenced as a HB1
  • A 9005 also referenced as a HB3
  • A 9006 also referenced as a HB4
  • A 9007 also referenced as a HB5
  • H1, H3, H7 and H11 bulbs usually reference the same

Dielectric Grease

Protects electrical connections and wiring from salt, dirt and corrosion. Extends the life of fog or headlight bulb sockets. Prevents voltage leakage around any electric connection.
Suggested Applications:
Marine and automotive electrical connections, spark plug boots, trailer hitch wiring, battery terminals and wire connectors.

Fog Or Driving Light Schematic

Driving And Fog Light Wiring

Color Temperature Chart

Automotive Light Color Temperature

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